RGR Featured In Spin Magazine!

Over the course of the four days, many musicians guest with other bands. And one band in particular features only members from other bands — the supergroup Rude Girl Revue. Some 19 hornswomen, vocalists, guitarists, and a drummer remind the audience that unity and equality applies to the sexes too. Singing songs like “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett, and a slew of originals, this conglomeration formed for Supernova in 2021 and they’ve since grown in number and reach.

“Where are my queens at? You are all seen!” says Kristin ‘Lady Hatchet’ Forbes of the Scotch Bonnets before singing her song “TikTok.” “What is the worth of a woman? What has more value, her heart or her career? How does it hold up in the businesses of men? To be a success must she live in fear?” sings Forbes, who exchanges her guitar for the mic on the tune. Other songs affirm women’s right to live in “Unruly Ways,” and to be a “Lioness,” with the advice, “If you want to be the next lady millionaire you work as a team and attack in pairs.” Yells one woman in the crowd, “I love them! They’re my friends! You’re beautiful!”

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